5 Surprising “Game of Thrones” Related Trade Marks in Australia

5 Surprising “Game of Thrones” Related Trade Marks in Australia
Katherine Rock

Game of Thrones, Season 7, premieres tonight in Australia.  To celebrate, innofy takes a look at the top 5 most surprising classes of goods or service HBO has registered (or has applied to register) Game of Thrones related marks in.  (As followers of our site will recall, when registering a trade mark in Australia, applicants need to specify the goods and/or services for which that mark is used, or is intended to be used.)

1. KHALEESI for cleaning products

Yup, that’s right – trade mark 1695101, “KHALEESI” is registered in two classes (21 and 25) and specifies “articles for cleaning purposes” in class 21.

2. KHALEESI for laundry bleach

“KHALEESI” makes another top 5 appearance in the form of trade mark 1514894 which is registered in class 3 – including “bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use”.

3. GAME OF THRONES for wine

“GAME OF THRONES” in trade mark application 1855237 simply recites class 33 and “wines”.  Given the extensive reference in Game of Thrones to wine, this is perhaps not all that surprising – perhaps the next applications will be to “Arryn” for Riesling, “Westerlands” for Cabernet…

4. WINTER IS COMING for kitchen utensils

Trade mark “WINTER IS COMING”, 1697237, is registered in respect of two classes (21 and 25) including class 21 specifying “household or kitchen utensils and containers”.

5. GAME OF THRONES for guitars

Trade mark application 1852035, “GAME OF THRONES” refers to class 15 and musical instruments including “guitars”.

Other Game of Thrones related marks

If you are interested – more “Game of Thrones” related Australian trade marks and trade mark applications owned by HBO are provided in the table below.

1340198GAME OF THRONESRegistered9, 16, 18, 20, 21, 25, 28, 41
1464693GAME OF THRONESRegistered8, 9
1552052GAME OF THRONESRegistered32
1583256GAME OF THRONESRegistered14
1695101KHALEESIRegistered21, 25
1697237WINTER IS COMINGRegistered21, 25
1697239THE NIGHT'S WATCHRegistered21, 25
1697960MOTHER OF DRAGONSRegistered21, 25
1697966SWORD IN THE DARKNESSRegistered21, 25
1852035GAME OF THRONESPending15
1855237GAME OF THRONESPending33

Published: 17 July 2017


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