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Patent attorneys in Australia and New Zealand

We are ready to represent your clients in Australia and New Zealand, and will provide them the same impeccable service that our own clients enjoy.

At innofy we understand that you and your clients may have already established the best commercial strategy for their patent portfolios. We don’t pretend that we know better. We are proud to offer a service that suits you and your client, allowing a choice as to when and where you take advantage of our experienced Australian and New Zealand patent attorneys.

As standard, we won’t bill for hours critically reviewing each Examination Report. Instead, we will forward all Examination Reports as quickly as possible (after checking that everything is in order). This maximizes the head start provided to you and your client, allowing you to derive the most effective response strategy. Of course, expert technical and local patent law advice is always available – whenever you need it.

Our patent attorneys thrive on technical excellence and adding value to our overseas clients

All incoming patent applications are managed directly by a registered patent attorney who is experienced in the relevant area of technology. Our people not only have multiple degrees in both cutting-edge technology and intellectual property law, but they have shown a passion for excellence – though attending the most prestigious universities in the world (e.g. Oxford University), and publishing their work in the most innovative high-impact journals (e.g. Nature and Immunity). Our people are encouraged to indulge in the latest research, and attend international conferences – so that our advice is never outdated.

Whether it be an opinion on the claimed technology, a particular requirement of Australian or New Zealand law, or even a general discussion about how best to proceed with your portfolio more generally – the value that our people will add is world class.

Our patent attorneys promise to provide you with highly responsive and efficient service

Not only do we provide a professional service tailored towards your specific requirements, but our innovative systems and software solutions allow us to do this at a significantly more competitive price point than our competitors. Click here to learn more about the innovative way that we work.

forward exam reports

Forward all issued Examination Reports within five (5) working days of receipt reporting only the details that you need to know.

reply to requests for advice

Reply to any requests for advice within five (5) working days.

respond to exam reports

Respond (or prepare a draft response) to an Examination Report within ten (10) working days of receiving your instructions.

The cost of National Phase Entry in Australia and New Zealand

At innofy we are proud to do things differently. We strive to work in innovative and efficient ways never before observed in traditional patent attorney firms in Australia or New Zealand. We have international collaborations and investments into the development of new and better systems. When we find a workflow problem, we innovate a robust solution (rather than find a clunky manual workaround).

Our clients benefit from our approach because it allows us to work much more efficiently. We do this for the benefit of our clients, not us. Therefore we are able to offer what we believe to be a better service, at a significantly lower price, than other traditional firms.

We understand that the budget is of utmost importance to our clients, whether in Australia, New Zealand or overseas. Because of our innovative approach, we are able to offer our overseas agents a flat fee for all work. We are confident that our prices are attractive and transparent.

How much do we charge to respond to a phone call or email? Nothing at all. We encourage you to reach out to us when you have a question.

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