how we work

we do things innovatively

At innofy, we live and breathe innovation. We believe in breaking conventions and doing things in a new way that maximises the value we provide to our clients.

We provide an upfront price for everything we do – before we do it. This transparency puts budget control back into the hands of our clients, so they never again face the worry of what might be printed on the next invoice. We believe that billing out our time in six-minute increments is not conducive to efficiently researching and working on the task at hand. In our opinion, time-based billing is not fair to our people or our clients – and therefore, we won’t do it. Billing targets are not a measured KPI at innofy. There is another way.

Working on a fixed price has many different advantages. We don’t charge for any emails. We don’t charge for any phone calls. We don’t charge for any meetings over coffee. This lets us get to know our clients much better – they can reach out to us. Our rate includes everything that is required to complete the task. That means no unexpected follow-up invoices down the track when confirmations trickle out from the patent office.  Doing away with the monthly billings “pressure cooker” encourages our people to spend more time accurately scoping and researching the job at hand. We believe this method drives better results. Finally, we are not encouraged to increase the number of hours billed on a project, we strongly encourage our people to get it right the first time.

Working in the sphere of innovation and technology, we figured it was about time that we took advantage of the benefits in operating in the 21st century. Efficiency and effectiveness are a focus. We don’t pay overpriced rent for excessive individual offices. We don’t pay a tea lady. Our bar isn’t stocked with Evian®. We have automated a lot of the mundane processing work – and we are committed to automating more! We have modern online workspaces and systems which means we don’t require a large team of IT gurus to fix buggy software and find poor work-arounds to tedious problems.

The beauty of our approach is not only can we do our administrative tasks better and faster than our competitors, but our overheads and expenses are a fraction of theirs. This results in an incredible cost savings which we choose to pass on to our clients, and reinvest in development so that we can keep improving.

We constantly review the way that we work – and fully embrace our inefficiencies as new opportunities to get better. Our staff are involved in “development projects”, working closely with external teams of entrepreneurs, software developers, and other skilled professionals to revolutionise the way we use our systems and how they perform.

We are already operating in a way that allows us to provide outstanding service at low cost – but we will never be satisfied. Being an independently-owned organisation, we can commit to our efficiency improvements being reflected in lower fees charged to our clients moving forward. We aren’t at the mercy of shareholder primacy. We understand that the more cash available to our clients, the more time they can spend innovating! We are playing the same game as our clients – let’s innovate together.

We have created an environment where our people are encouraged to collaborate and work together – just like our clients do. At innofy everyone is expected to look after the person to the right of them and the person to the left of them. This environment is only possible because our people aren’t competing against one another for the highest billings or the next biggest client. Every morning we take 15 minutes to have a coffee and discuss our daily plan of action. It is during this time when our most innovative ideas are developed, and afterwards we get down to work with incredible enthusiasm.

When performing technically challenging work, put together teams from different technical areas in order to ensure we are gaining the broadest possible perspective and questioning any hidden assumptions. Although our clients will always have a direct point of contact for their work, behind the scene a multidisciplinary team will be discussing their ideas. Patent drafting is an art-form, and we firmly believe that our approach results in a much more creative and better thought out result.

This works because our people are released from the pressure of time-based billings targets. We strive to excel in the value we add to our clients, and believe that positively encouraging our staff to work together is the key to exceptional performance.

You won’t receive an invoice from us for responding to your email or taking your call.  If you have engaged us to perform any work – then that includes as many phone calls or emails as you require.