Dr Andrew Clarke

Dr Andrew Clarke

Scientist | Attorney | Innovator

Andrew is a registered Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Marks attorney (Australia and New Zealand), who specialises in a range of biotechnology disciplines. Andrew’s experience and interests cover a variety of technologies including biomedical science (particularly immunotherapeutics, peptide therapeutics, antisense therapeutics, vaccines, molecular diagnostics and drug formulations), genetics, metabolic engineering of microorganisms, agribusiness and food technology.

During Andrew’s career as a patent and trade mark attorney he has worked closely with a diverse client base that includes universities, not-for-profit research institutes, ASX-listed biotechnology companies, and local start-ups. Andrew provides complex legal, technical, and strategic IP advice in an easy to understand format, to accelerate the commercial goals of his clients. He lives and breathes new technology, and is always happy to assist with your next IP project.

Prior to commencing a career as a patent and trade marks attorney, Andrew completed his PhD at Monash University in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and in collaboration with the Australian Synchrotron. Andrew’s thesis focussed on the recognition of antigens by T cell receptors with a view to creating novel immunotherapies for autoimmune disorders. Andrew’s cutting edge research results in several lead-authored publications in high impact journals (including Nature and Immunity). He graduated with the Anthony Koelmeyer Medal and the Australian Synchrotron thesis medal for his performance throughout his PhD.

Andrew has a background in immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and bioinformatics, having obtained a Bachelor degree (hons) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Dundee, UK. Andrew also has a Masters degree in Cell Signalling from the Wellcome Trust BioCentre, UK, in which he studied the molecular biology and biophysics of integral cell metabolism pathways, resulting in the publication of his first lead-authored journal article in the prestigious EMBO Journal.

Andrew is a member of many industry organisations and sits on the AusBiotech IP Expert Panel, advocating for the Australian biotechnology industry on various intellectual property matters. He is also on the Intellectual Property Society of Australia & New Zealand (IPSANZ) committee. Andrew is passionate about IP education – regularly delivering lectures and workshops on IP at a number of prestigious universities, including the University of Queensland and Bond University.