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We are innofy – intellectual property for innovators, by innovators.  Our clients and partners trust us to protect their innovations.  We respect this trust by always acting with integrity, and by constantly striving to be the very best at what we do.  Excellence is not a destination, it is a journey of continuous improvement – are you ready to join us on the road?


We are the next generation of patent and trade mark attorneys  – at innofy we believe that in order to provide the best advice to our innovative clients, we need to ensure our business is constantly innovating and evolving.


Our patent and trade mark attorneys are highly qualified and registered to practice in both Australia and New Zealand.  We have over a decade’s experience practising in a top-tier international firm.


Our team of award winning attorneys includes a Nature and Immunity first-author scientist, Australian Synchrotron medallist, and much more.


Primarily located in Brisbane, with both national and international reach, we are trusted by our clients to provide the best patent, trade mark and registered design services as well as strategic IP advice.

We offer a comprehensive range of IP services


Patents provide a monopoly to prevent the unauthorised use, distribution and/or sale of a patented product, substance, method or process.

trade marks

A trade mark is a way of identifying your products or services from those of your competitors. Your trade mark is your identity – it symbolises the quality of your product or service.


Registered designs can protect a new and distinctive shape, configuration, ornamentation or pattern when applied to an article by an industrial process.

overseas agents

We are ready to represent your clients in Australia and New Zealand, and will provide them the same impeccable service that our own clients enjoy.

Why choosing the right attorney is so important

doing it right, first time

We know that what you file at first instance matters.  This is because after filing a complete patent application, for example, further subject matter that extends the application cannot be incorporated in future.  So, if you need to rely on fallback positions later during prosecution, or want to be confident of the application’s validity – we ensure that everything is comprehensively included upfront.


understanding your business

In order to ensure your invention or trade mark is adequately protected, it is important that your attorney fully appreciates and understands the innovation in context.  At innofy, we are exceptionally technically experienced in a broad range of fields – (with numerous technical awards to boot!) – so you can be confident we understand and are equipped to fully protect your intellectual property.


we value our relationship

It is important to ensure that you and your attorney are both on the same page, and that you feel comfortable and readily able to ask questions and request advice.  At innofy, you can be assured that you and your business needs are understood, and that you are getting the best advice in order to further your commercial objectives.

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Why we are the right best choice

Most patent and trade mark attorneys won’t tell you this, but our relationship with clients is a classic example of information asymmetry.  This asymmetry means that it is very difficult for clients to evaluate the quality of an attorney before, during, and even after work has been completed.  The asymmetry is amplified by the fact that patents and trade marks are often not tested for years after they were originally lodged.  This is a business risk that innovators need to understand, and mitigate.  At innofy our role is to educate as much as it is to execute instructions from clients.  We genuinely want you to succeed, and by empowering you to make informed IP decisions, and to evaluate the quality of our advice and deliverables – we all end up in a better spot.

Our refreshingly honest approach is backed by innovative systems, modern business processes, and evidence based management practices.  However, that is not the end of the story – we believe in continuous improvement – relentlessly evaluating and tweaking our practice in order to evolve in lockstep with our clients changing needs.  Our values are not an organisational afterthought, relegated to a dusty corner of our website.  Rather, our values and ethos drive our business, because we understand that to be successful we need to innovate.  In short, we are a disruptive modern IP consultancy – designed from the ground up to engage with innovators in a language they understand, and to deliver a value proposition that the market sorely needs.

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